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Our reinforced conversational agents enable all of the state-of-the-art speech-to-text services and have them compete in real time to determine the correct transcript of the caller.

Made for complete use case automation, our increased agents can continue a conversation despite accents, breaks, or ambient noise

Bots are good, managed bots are better. Thanks to our seamless handover (available on our studio app), the voice agent notifies a human supervisor when it has a hard time understanding the caller. The correct answer arrives a few seconds later, without any impact on the call experience

Caller identification

Instantly match every caller with your database. Our voice agents natively understand names, client numbers and contact information, enabling faster access to the caller’s customer account

Natural language IVR

No more tedious number combinations to be routed! Identify every call reason in a few seconds and forward every caller to the appropriate service

Demand prequalification

Gather key data on every demand before transferring it to a human agent. Have them take the call with pre-filled context in order to reduce your average handling time